Melt Bar & Grilled Offers Discount to People With Grilled Cheese Tattoos

 - Dec 23, 2009
References: meltbarandgrilled & fox8
Melt Bar & Grilled in Lakewood, Ohio is giving a 25% discount to patrons who have grilled cheese tattoos. It's a curious promotion, especially considering sandwich tattoos aren't exactly commonplace.

Matt Fish, the owner of Melt Bar & Grilled, told Fox 8 of Cleveland, "We ask people to take our core logo and kinda change it around, make it something personal to them." And if you head to Voodoo Monkey Tattoo on in Cleveland and tell them you're getting one of the grilled cheese tattoos for the Melt Bar & Grilled promotion, they'll take $25 off the price of the tattoo.

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