Greg Mahlknecht Compiles a Map of the Master Internet Cables

 - Jul 16, 2011
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Partly out of necessity but mostly out of curiosity, Durban-based software developer Greg Mahlknecht has personally created a map of the real-life Internet by compiling resources online, and he's released the chart for all to see!

Where does the Internet come from? Well, about 99 percent of Internet traffic in the world travels through large underwater cables, which connect countries and continents. Until now, we've only had a vague idea of where those wires were, but thanks to Greg Mahlknecht, we have a more complete image of how the real-life infrastructure of the Net is arranged.

Interestingly, the map clearly shows the growing online structure gradually supporting Africa's development, particularly on the continent's southern and western regions. Steve Song, a telecommunications expert at the Shuttleworth Foundation, actually maintains a blog on the developing African Internet network, called Many Possibilities.