These Flavorful Vegetarian Tostadas Feature Breaded Green Tomatoes

 - Oct 13, 2015
References: somunchlove & somunchlove
These delicious vegetarian tacos sub out beef, chick or pork for rich fried green tomatoes. While these tacos only contain vegetables, they do not skimp on flavor as the breaded tomatoes add a refreshing taste that pairs well with Mexican spices and seasonings.

The tacos are filled with a base of fried green tomatoes made from sliced tomatos that are fried in a layer of spices, panko bread crumbs, milk and eggs. The tomatoes take on the flavor of the spices often found on meat toppings easily making them an ideal substitute. The tacos are then topped with red tomatoes, quesco fresco crumbled cheese, corn kernels and hot peppers on a soft corn tortilla. These would be a great dish to serve up to vegetarians and meat eaters alike to add an unconventional spin on popular taco dishes.