The Eco-Friendly Green HTPC by Design Hara

 - Jan 15, 2010
References: designhara & yankodesign
Design Hara claims to have made a luxury, green HTPC. The handcrafted side panels are made from recyclable materials as well as cypress and rosewood (from Italy and Canada, respectively). The front cover is made of natural sheep leather and the internal structure can be easily separated so that e-waste can be recycled and removed.

The green HTPC features an Intel Core2Duo processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. It is made to consume one third of the energy used to run a regular desktop. The materials seem eco-friendly, but we still have our doubts -- like how much carbon emission is created to get the lumber from Canada and Italy to green HTPC’s assembly area? However, there’s no doubting the green HTPC’s beauty.