Green Earth Winners

 - Nov 12, 2008
References: designboom
The Design Boom ‘Green Earth’ graphic artwork design competition had ‘Green’ as the first theme.

The participants illustrated modes of environmental protection to inspire us to respect and value nature and promote coexistence in a greener world.

I really love the King Kong poster which puts the famous film image into a new context. The giant ape isn’t kidnapping the woman; instead, he is rescuing her from mass a flooding due to global warming.

The second theme for the competition was ‘earth’ and the pitch was to give a green gift at Christmas. The first prize for the Greening project went to designer Ji Yoon Yang from Korea. Her pop-up card is decorative while promoting a cleaner environment; the car encourages you to put your finger print on it to testify you will only drink from mugs, and not paper cups.

I think the alternative Christmas wreath promoting recycling, canvas bags for shopping and bike riding promos are excellent. They were designed by Felicia Lee from Taiwan.

I say: Let’s all join the green wave this Christmas!