Great Wall Hover H7 at the Shanghai Motor Show

 - Apr 18, 2009
References: autoblog
The Great Wall Hover H7 is one of the strangest crossover utility vehicles I’ve ever seen. The quirky Chinese concept was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show, and upon taking a closer look at the Hover H7, a number of design cues seen in U.S. and other foreign cars can be observed.

The front end of the Great Wall H7 features a sporty grille that Autoblog figures is meant to evoke Audi—in theory, at least. A Fu Manchu chrome moustache frames the grille, while elongated teardrop headlamps look like they were plucked from a Hyundai.

I’m not a huge fan of the Great Wall H7, and neither is Autoblog. What do you think?