The Grandma's Cooking Detector Stirs Nostalgia

The Grandma’s Cooking Detector device is the perfect for nostalgic young adults suffering from home sickness.

An experiment of Kitchen Budapest’s researchers, the Grandma’s Cooking Detector device evokes the happy memories of family gatherings as it links you real-time to your granny’s kitchen. The small equipment monitors the gas burner of the cooker and once it is turned on, the signal is transmitted to your remote 'Granny’s cooking display' which lights up. The system is also connected to your messaging utilities, so you are alerted instantly on your computer.

The aim of this social art project was to emphasize the importance of family, childhood and an everlasting "institution": Grandma! What would families be without her? Without the long sunday lunches, the cakes and the cream you can lick directly from the mixing pot?

Could researchers focus on a grandma cooking tele-transportation device now, please?