The Scribo Graffiti Spray Cans Let Artists Make Their Own Paint

 - Jun 6, 2013
References: indiegogo
Designed for graffiti artists around the world, the Scribo graffiti spray cans give artists the opportunity to custom-create their very own exclusive paint colors.

Made in Venice, Italy, Scribo is one of the most precise spray paint canisters on the market. The Scribo bottle features a high-impact spray nozzle and fast-drying matte acrylic paint that lets artists work fast either on inside or outside surfaces.

Scribo is also the only spray paint company in the entire world that lets artists create and develop their own colors. Artists can send in samples of a color they'd like to have made and Scribo will develop the shade into a RAL matte color spray paint. Then, customers can name their new color and have the name featured alongside their name on each Scribo bottle.