This Cellophane Graffiti Installation Doesn't Require Graffiti Removal

 - Jun 20, 2013
References: cellograff & designtaxi
For those against graffiti for its permanency, these beautiful 'Wall-Free' graffiti murals by graffiti artists in Paris don't use walls as their canvases or require graffiti-removal. Instead, each of these graffiti murals are painted onto sheets of plastic that can easily be torn down and removed.

These graffiti artists found a creative way to use massive sheets of plastic wrap stretched between things like street lamps, trees and other structures as their canvases. Once the plastic was stretched tight enough, artists could easily spray onto the cellophane surface the same way they normally would on walls. The spray painted colors and details showed up beautifully against the transparency of the cellophane. If the cellophane was placed in front of a wall, viewers couldn't even tell that the graffiti wasn't spray painted directly onto the wall. While the artistry remained the same, if the city wanted the graffiti, it could easily take down the cellophane without the need for graffiti removal.