This Graffitti Music Video Makes Watching Paint Dry Fun

 - Dec 10, 2013
References: youtube & theverge
Watching paint dry has been synonymous with boredom until the release of Limitless, a five-minute video of graffiti wall painting set to pulsing electronic dance music (EDM). The video is a collaboration between Australian videographer Selina Miles, DJ Butcher and graffiti artist Sofles.

The catchy upbeat music keeps pace with the sped up footage of Sofles and his team decorating the many walls of a large abandoned warehouse building with colorful and visually stunning artwork often found outside on the streets. There are pictures of people, stylized graffiti tags in a variety of colors and other designs.

On one of the walls is a cartoon of Sofles himself grinning and spraying a can of blue paint that stretches in long, thick bars across the length the of the wall. This image is indicative of the video’s vibrancy and its ability to turn a catchphrase for boredom right on its head.