The Gourmet x Mitchell & Ness Coats Incorporate Animal Prints

The Gourmet x Mitchell & Ness 'Vintage Satin Jacket' is being sold on behalf of the epic brand collaboration. The apparel line nods its head to the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, also known as the home teams of Gourmet Footwear's owners.

This collection is available in a limited edition set only. Fans of the teams will take up interest in the vintage jerseys as the New York Yankees piece is taken from the team's 1988 stock and the Boston Red Sox from 1989. Gourmet Footwear and Mitchell & Ness update the two with leapord prints tanned suede fabrics, providing edgy detailing where there often is none.

The snap-bound front and ribbed neck line remains traditional however, taking athletic baseball apparel back to its authentic roots.