This Durable Gorget Packaging Ensures Glass Bottles Stay Safe

 - Aug 29, 2015
References: & packagingoftheworld
Designer Natalia Wysocka created the Gorget bottle packaging as a way to protect glass bottles. This packaging design engulfs the bottle like a sleeve that is decorated with a three-dimensional geometric pattern.

The sleeve hugs the bottle and creates an extended barrier that protects the bottle from any damages. The Gorget packaging concept was created to mimic the original meaning of the word. The title for this packaging was originally used to describe "a band of linen wrapped around a woman's neck and head in the medieval period." The design continued to evolve and was eventually used by knights as neck protectors, which were worn with suits of armor.

As the evolution continues to evolve the latest use takes the form a protective booze casing. In addition to the creative idea concept, the prototype is colored various shades of pink, which enhances the three dimensional effect.