The Googly Gooeys Compare Zombies With Social Networking Addicts

 - Nov 2, 2011
References: googlygooeys & holykaw.alltop
The masterminds behind Googly Gooeys recently released an insightful comic entitled 'Social Networking Addicts and Zombies.' Falling effortlessly into the 'funny because its true' camp of comedy, this vibrant comic lists five hilarious similarities between Twitter-happy texters and the brain matter-munching undead.

In the last few decades, many social aspects of everyday life have gone digital and acceptable means of communication have drastically changed. These technological advancements have given rise to a new brand of human being: the social media junkie. The Googly Gooeys have certainly captured the habits this strange breed of social animal to a tee and aptly compared their habits to that of the decomposing horror film favorites. If you or someone you know carries out overly meaningful relationships with Facebook and Twitter accounts, then this comic is sure to induce a few knowing nods and an excessive amount of giggling.

A knee-slapper for sure, the Googly Gooeys once again have created a hilarious piece of insightful social commentary.