The 'Google Urbanism' Project Would Share Ad Revenue with Cities

 - Aug 18, 2016
References: googleurbanism & fastcoexist
'Google Urbanism' is a business model for digital advertising that, oddly enough, takes inspiration from the mining industry.

In mining, companies take natural resources from the ground and sell them to make a profit, but these companies need to pay national governments in order to account for using the land. Google Urbanism theorizes that digital ads in cities work in a similar way, with large companies (like Google) making revenue when advertisers pay for, say, a digital billboard placement. According to Google Urbanism, part of the revenue should go to the cities that play the advertising, since cities' infrastructures are supporting the entire transaction.

The model would support cities by providing an extra source of money, but could also help Google (and other tech companies) since more cities would be incentivized to do business with it.