Gmail, Google Ads & Google News Down Worldwide, Panic Ensues

 - May 14, 2009   Updated: Jul 18 2011
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As of about 9:15 AM EST, Google News went down worldwide. Access to groups, Gmail, Google-hosted blogs, Google Ads, and Google Ad manger all stopped functioning.

Immediately, Twitter lit up with the same question: Is Google News down for everybody? The short answer is yes, Google News--and everything else--is down for everybody. There is a fair amount of panic around the world now--much more freaky than swine flu!

Implications - The importance of search engines to the functioning of every person and industry in the modern world is undeniable. The tools revolutionized the way information travels as consumers have access to virtually all relevant information at the tip of their fingers. The influence of this Internet innovation extends beyond just information and into the way humans interact with each other on a global scale.