The Google and Memory Infographic Shows How Google Effects Memory

 - Sep 27, 2011
References: businessinsider & gearfuse
According to this Google and Memory infographic courtesy of the good people at Online Colleges, your inability to remember simple everyday things may not actually be a sign of early onset Alzheimer's. No, you are not losing your marbles at the ripe old age of twenty, it's your reliance on that handy dandy search engine Google that is to blame.

Knowing that Google will be there to bail you out of any argument with the indisputable truth means you are less likely to work hard to retain the knowledge yourself. Your brain is and always has a been a "use it or lose it" system of operations, and each of Google's time-saving features effects different parts of your brain. It effects our abilities to organize, visualize and analyze.

Well, it's not likely the Google and Memory infographic will change our search-happy ways, it is shocking nonetheless. What if Google disappeared tomorrow? Would you remember the name of that obscure artist or who the 37th President of the United States is?