Anton Björsig Designs the Endearing and Chic Golv Tripod Lamp

 - Aug 10, 2011
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Scandinavian designer Anton Björsig has created the ultra-contemporary Golv Tripod Lamp. The design is so simple and clean that at first glance you would think it was made in an art class.

The reminder of childhood and whimsy it emulates is what gives the Golv Tripod Lamp its undeniable charm. With a white face and three tiny wooden legs, the lamp looks almost as if it's staring up at you in anticipation.

The Golv Tripod Lamp has a modern yet endearing look to perfectly light up your life.

Implications - With so many different things to take care of each day, modern citizens are attracted to no-fuss designs. Products that are clean-cut appeal to shoppers who want their purchases to reflect how well their responsibilities are being taken care of. Companies attempting to reach out to a wider audience could incorporate this aesthetic into all of their items.