Riusuke Fukahori Creates Surreal Slippery Installations

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: goldfishing.info & thisiscolossal
The old fishing adage: "A reel expert can tackle anything" serves true in the three-dimensional art exhibit 'Goldfish Salvation by Riusuke Fukahori. The Japanese artist has developed a new technique to create 3D life-like art.

'Goldfish Salvation' is a handmade series featuring Riusuke Fukahori's layered resin technique, which works similar to a three-dimensional printer, piling layer upon layer of resin to create his project until finally the fishy creation is complete.

'Goldfish Salvation' is both ultra-realistic and completely surreal. The exhibit conveys a sense of tranquility through these immaculately conceived fish. The tedious design of these exhibits is well worth the time spent, as these fish are breathtaking; several glances are needed before one may realize these fish are not real. The installation battles the current to swim upstream, venturing to new paths, and filling one's mind with a splash of creativity thanks to the hyper-realism exhibited by visionary Riusuke Fukahori.