Namie Amuro's Golden Touch Music Video Simulates Interactivity

 - Jun 4, 2015
References: & japantrends
Golden Touch is the first music video off of Japanese singer Namie Amuro's new album '_genic.' As well as having entertaining visuals, the pop idol's video promises an "interactive" element.

At the beginning of the music video, viewers are made aware of a dot at the center of the screen that they are instructed to "Keep touching while watching." Once a finger has been pressed to the screen of some sort of media-viewing device, the video makes the action happen around the finger. This includes making it seem as though a viewer's finger had the power to topple a card tower, launch a slingshot or light candles.

Although the video will continue to play whether or not you place your finger on the screen, it's a fun way to enjoy the song, especially while hearing lyrics that say: "You've got the touch."