The 'GoddoG' Street Art is Wildly Inspiring and Creative

When it comes to street art, there are many talented artists who depict their full-fledged talent on walls and pavements, but the work by GoddoG Street Art is quite unique.

Young street artist GoddoG has painted the walls of Avignon, France, bringing them to life. At one look, many may see humans portrayed in his sketches, but the characters have a human face with the body curled up like a placental mammal Armadillo. He usually adds animals to his street art so as to add a realistic element to his sketches.

In this art work floundering the streets, you can see vibrant splashes of colors and fine lines that look like a sketch when, in fact, they are done on hard-hitting rocky walls. The GoddoG Street Art is definitely a must-see as you walk throughout France.