'Go' by Rizki Tarisa Has Everything You Need for Everyday Life

 - May 12, 2010
References: thedesignblog.org
The 'Go' by Rizki Tarisa uses a form of energy that we've had all along: it’s the next big renewable energy source known to mankind. Well, it is mankind! Yes, that’s right, Rizki Tarisa has come up with an idea that uses our body to produce energy. While this idea isn’t completely new to the world, the prototype by Tarisa looks more comfortable than the ones I’ve seen before.

'Go' by Rizki Tarisa is an all-in-one chair that has a desktop, lounge chair, workstation and an exercise machine all in one. Imagine sitting comfortably talking to your friends on MSN, sipping coffee and exercising at once--it's multi-tasking to a whole new level, I tell you. It can even access the Internet! The only catch is that you have to bike for the energy.