From Solar-Powered Kettles to Bold Contemporary Boilers

 - May 29, 2013
Brewing up a hot cup of tea or coffee at home certainly makes getting up in the morning a whole lot easier, and these modern kettle designs serve to make the process of boiling water much more convenient and visually appealing.

While traditional water boilers were often clunky-looking and took a lot of time to work, these wonderfully modern designs feature sleek minimalist shapes and all sorts of added features that will entice any tea or coffee drinker. While kettles were often heated up on the stove, these modern designs only require a simple outlet to be plugged in, with some even featuring a unique solar-powered design.

From portable kettles that can collapse onto itself to those that can amazingly change color, these modern kettle designs are perfect for anyone looking to add some chic and practical kitchenware items to their home.