The Rotate Kettle Swivels on its Concave Base for Painless Pouring

 - Jan 7, 2012
Accidents involving boiling water and tender skin would simply not happen if your kettle never left the countertop, but can such an awkward feat be accomplished and still allow you to fill your teacup?

The Rotate Kettle may not look it at first, but it has been designed with a remarkably clever feature. It can rest securely on its base throughout the process of heating the water as well as the act of pouring it into your mug.

The jug takes a spherical form and sits upon an incurvate stand. The rounded vessel can pivot within its electrical unit and it needs simply to be tipped forward to spill water out of the spout. Attractive in form, intuitive to use and safe for all ages and abilities, the Rotate Kettle by Yahya Tioso improves the efficiency and convenience of your culinary environment.