This Calphalon Kettle Concept Perfects the Mass-Produced Object

 - Jun 19, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
You'd think that designers would have this sort of object right by now, given that people have been boiling water over the stove for generations and over the fire for ages. This Calphalon Kettle concept was born from the desire to shed the physical flaws of the simple appliance to improve massively on its user-friendliness.

What J. Edward Myslik came up with are several notable changes. The first is the exaggerated handle that's been optimized for ergonomics. This is one's primary contact point with the vessel after all. An open handgrip on the Calphalon Kettle concept makes it easy to take hold of quickly once the liquid's boiled and puts less pressure on the wrist. Additionally, a whistler with a protruding tag is simpler to remove without burning your fingers.