This Gluten-Free Food Company Uses Simplistic Two Dimensional Labels

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: graphasel & packageinspiration
In order to clearly convey its products, this gluten-free food company relies on simple branding, colorization and two dimensional labels.

The Hungary-based gluten-free food company 'Glutenno' provides consumers with various diet-sensitive alternatives such as flour mixes, pastas and biscuits. The team at 'Graphasel Design Studio' created the labels using a simple design atop a black and white background. Next, they added color-coded accents to notify the consumer about what the package contains. In addition, the design team incorporated symbolism to identify key ingredients such as flour, buckwheat, quinoa or rice.

The design for Glutenno's packages ensures that consumers are able to recognize what is contained inside by relying on colors and symbols -- eliminating the possibility of a language barrier. Each colorful package also grabs the attention of the consumer and uses two dimensional illustrations to avoid overwhelming the viewer.