Melting Glow Sticks Create a Strange and Psychedelic Effect

 - May 10, 2016
References: telegraph & sploid.gizmodo
YouTube channel LET'S MELT THIS went viral when one of its videos featured melting glow sticks which are usually reserved for children's parties or raves.

The channel swapped candles for glow sticks and the results were are fascinating. The glow sticks burn in the blackened room almost as candles would and their fluorescent light appears to become even brighter. The 'glow stick candles' are beautiful to watch and when they've devolved into nothing but a puddle, some of them burn out almost as a firework would.

The strange wilting candles do not have any other purpose other than to show the audience what happens when glow sticks are melted, but the video does come across as a unique art piece.