The GloW Glider & Microlight Hybrid is Designed For Casual Flying

 - Mar 21, 2015
References: proairsport & gizmag
The GloW glider and microlight aircraft is a vehicle that is equipped with a jet turbine for climbing and cruising and electrically powered wheels for taxiing and takeoff. What's unique about this vehicle is that its engine can be turned on or off during flight at the flip of a switch, allowing it to be flown either as a glider or a microlight. It is also completely propeller-free.

Another unique selling point of the GloW glider and microlight hybrid is the fact that it can be prepared for flight in just 15 minutes. This makes it particularly appealing to casual weekend flying enthusiasts, who are a key demographic within the glider and microlight market.

With its combination of performance versatility and ease of setup, the GloW glider hybrid is thoughtfully designed bearing in mind the needs and wants of its core market, the well-monied weekend flight enthusiast.