This Globe Sculpture by Andy Yoder is Made Entirely Out of Matches

 - Apr 4, 2014
References: andyyoder & rsvlts
From far away, this globe sculpture doesn’t look like any special, but as you get closer, you find that it is made entirely out of matchsticks. Sculptor Andy Yoder spent two years creating this masterful globe sculpture.

The amount of detail that is put into this sculpture is remarkable. Using different-colored matches, Yoder has created deserts, forests and the oceans. Topping it all off, he has added cloud cover to the globe. If you look closely, he also has a hurricane hitting the east coast of the United States, which gives the thought that Yoder was working off of an aerial map that was shown when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast. I hope for Yoder’s sake that his globe is stored in a cool area, because it would be a shame to see this sculpture go down in flames.