Global Pet Finder

 - Dec 30, 2005
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For all of us pet owners who have had that Paris Hilton moment, Nokia has created the perfect gadget--a global pet finder that text-messages your pet's location to your cellphone if it strays too far away.

Frequently Asked Questions
For Global Pet Finder

Q: Will GlobalPetFinder harm my pet?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT GlobalPetFinder is non-invasive and causes no harm to your pet.

Q: Is there a size limit to the GlobalPetFinder boundary?
A: No. The boundary can be set for any size you determine.

Q: Is it difficult to change the size of the boundary?
A: No! Simply go to the website, enter your password and reset, or reset on the device itself.

Q: Can I arrange to have more than one person receive location information?
A: Yes, just make the request when you register your GlobalPetFinder.

Q: If my pet runs away, how often will I receive updates of his or her location?
A: GlobalPetFinder is designed to give you peace of mind and will send location updates to you every minute. This may vary slightly according to wireless coverage in your area.

Q: Will my pet tracker work in heavily wooded areas?
A: Yes, the GlobalPetFinder uses an advanced module that minimizes 'canopy effect'. If for some reason the device is temporarily unable to get satellite 'lock,' it will continue to search until it does. You will know where your pet was last.

Q: Is my GlobalPetFinder waterproof?
A: GlobalPetFinder is water RESISTANT. Your dog can splash through puddles and be out in the rain but we do not recommend complete water submersion.

Q: If I am traveling with my pet, will I still be able to use GlobalPetFinder?
A: Yes, GlobalPetFinder works wherever phone service is available and will provide exact location information. We strongly recommend that you take and use GlobalPetFinder WHENEVER AND WHEREVER you travel with your pet.

Q: When I travel with my pet, can I change my boundary settings?
A: You may program new boundaries into GlobalPetFinder at any time either on the device itself or through the internet. Your first boundary setting (or 'HOME' setting) will remain in the memory of GlobalPetFinder until you change it with your password. All other boundaries will be overwritten as they are changed by you.

Q: I live outside the USA. Will GlobalPetFinder work in my location?
A: GlobalPetFinder can work outside of the USA. Please contact us directly to discuss wireless coverage parameters.

Q: Can I use the GlobalPetFinder to track my children and elderly relatives?
A: NO! GlobalPetFinder is designed for the sole and EXCLUSIVE purpose of tracking your PET. GPS Tracks makes no claim nor accepts any responsibility to track anything or anyone else.

Q: Can the GlobalPetFinder be worn by cats?
A: No, unfortunately, at this time we do not believe that the GlobalPetFinder will be suitable for cats. We are very concerned about our feline friends and are committed to our second generation product that will fit comfortably onto cats as well as 'toy' breeds of dogs.

Q: Will the GlobalPetFinder work in Canada?
A: YES! The GlobalPetFinder will work in Canada.

Q: I have a question that you did not address, how can I get an answer?
A: Your questions and concerns are VERY important to us. Simply go to the 'contact us' section of our website and type in your question. We will get back to you shortly.
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Q: Where can I purchase GlobalPetFinder?
A: Simply go to our website.

Q: How much does GlobalPetFinder cost?
A: Global Pet Finder will be available exclusively on our website for the retail price of $349.99.

Q: I have more than one dog, can I receive a discount on the pricing?
A: Yes. We offer family price packages.

Q: How much does the GlobalPetFinder weigh?
A: The GlobalPetFinder weighs approximately 5 ounces including batteries.

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Q: What is a Locate?
A: A Locate is defined as an out-of-fence violation lasting more than 5 minutes. It begins when you receive an out-of-fence ALERT and ends when you pet returns to the 'in-fence' mode.

Q: How do I know how many locates I need to sign up for? What if I change my mind and need more?
A: You should choose your Peace of Mind Plan based on your knowledge of him as an escape artist. If he runs away frequently it makes sense for you to add additional locates to your plan. GlobalPetFinder provides you with 3 locates per month to start. Any additional locates you purchase will be credited to your account and will roll over into the next month. They do NOT expire.

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Q: I have set a fence for my dog around my house and I am getting out of fence alerts even though my dog is in the house, how come?
A: The mapping software used to create the fence does its best to accurately place the center point of the circle right on top of your home. Due to the huge variety of lot sizes, shapes and configurations, the software doesn't always determine the correct location. The system's current placement of your center point might have errors that are causing some less than optimal ALERTS. Slight adjustments can be easily made to your fence settings that will make the GlobalPetFinder more reliable and custom suited to your house and lot size.