'Glass Menagerie' Encapsulates Momentary Emotional Expressions

 - Aug 12, 2013
References: lisakrannichfeld & thejealouscurator
Artist Lisa Krannichfeld describes her portrait series 'Glass Menagerie' as being inspired by an entomology assignment where she was tasked with preserving insect specimens.

Similarly, each of these portraits is meant to capture a specific human emotion, and put it on display for all of time. Emotions caught through various facial expressions are often very difficult to read as they are "fleeting, inexact, and often blended with other feelings" the artist explains. That is why she chose watercolors as her medium, allowing the colors the freedom to blend, bleed and intensify as they will, creating ambiguous expressions that are all the more realistic and specific for their inexactness.

'Glass Menagerie' is soft, feminine and full of deeply dramatic moments of emotion.