New Google Glass Lenses Could Enhance the Field of View for Users

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: & damngeeky
Developed by researchers at the Wichita State University in Kansas, these new Google Glass Lenses could help to increase the field of view for users of the smart headset.

Being that traditional parameters of Google Glass are relatively short-range, the new lenses could help to exponentially increase the capabilities of the wearable for those that require it.

Researchers Jibo He, Barbara Chaparro and Long Wang are behind the technological breakthrough that could revolutionize the way that facial wearables are implemented.

The Google Glass Lenses are essential an add-on attachment that could be clipped onto the arm of the glasses. From here, the accessory would offer enhanced field of view functionality for different tasks or professions that require either closer range or farther range focusing.