Spoiled Urbanites Can Enjoy Nature Too

 - Apr 18, 2007
References: wildretreat
As summer approaches, warmer weather coaxes us outdoors again to enjoy Earth's vast natural beauty. Thoughts of balmy evenings evoke happy childhood memories of camping and lazy nights under the stars.

For many urbanites, however, these memories are shattered by the not-so-pleasant recollection of buzzing mosquitoes, musty sleeping bags, soggy tents and canned foods.

Our childhood ignorance no longer resides in our spoiled, metropolitan lives, but the urbanized need not give up their outdoor dreams.

Picture yourself on the beautiful coast of British Columbia, yet instead of covered in mosquitoes and reeking of bug repellent, you're coated in a lavish body mask and getting the last whiffs of the glorious flower bath you just stepped out of.

The Outpost at Bedwell River and Clayoquot Wilderness Resort allow visitors to enjoy nature while still indulging in gourmet foods and spa-like pampering. You'll have luxurious sleeps in wrought-iron beds inside the privacy of your beautiful luxury tent. In the morning you'll awake to soft, white towels.

And you can forget about picking pesky pebbles out of your hiking bootsâ€"your post-manicure toes will rejoice in the sheer comfort of your fluffy slippers as you sprawl out on the luxe Persian carpets.

Worried about getting too cold at night? If your down blanket isn't enough to keep you warm, then go ahead and turn up that thermostat. Even the world's most temperamental divas would have a hard time crafting complaints on this adventure!