Ginger Problems Highlights the Perils of Redheads With Freckles

 - May 29, 2011
References: gingerproblems & twitter
I’m not really sure where this cultural stigma against redheads came from, but it seems that jokes about people with freckles and red hair are overrunning the Internet; this Ginger Problems Twitter account is just one of many examples of the phenomenon.

The Twitter account vents about various problems individuals with red hair may have, but to hyperbolic extremes. Have you ever been confused for a stoplight at an intersection? Redheads have with their vibrant locks. Have you ever been tapped on the head during a game of duck-duck-goose? Redheads will never get to experience that joy. The Ginger Problems Twitter account is meant to be fun and satirical, and many of the people who follow the account are themselves redheads.