The Ginder 'Materialized Vase' is Jeweled Perfection

 - May 16, 2010
References: erichginder & fancyjewels
The Ginder Materialized Vase by Erich Ginder uses lasers to make the porcelain vase look like a jewel, with angular aspects protruding from all sides. The Materialized Vase uses high resolution laser scanners to make the vase look like it was cut by hand, yet not.

The image of the Ginder Materialized Vase is scanned into a computer, and then detailed so the lasers are able to create the final jewel-esque result. The porcelain vases are definitely one-of-a kind and would add some spark to your next family gathering. The Ginder Materialized Vase is just one in their series of laser creations.