From Chalky Meal Containers to Chalkboard Piggy Banks

 - Nov 14, 2011
Chalkboards have not only educated many students, but they have also inspired the artistic imagination of people, as shown by these blackboard innovations. These green, erasable walls have been of immense help for mathematicians and scientists who have spent infinite amounts of time trying to decipher a formula or concept. Also, they bring back fun memories of childhood, where kids would write and create all sort of things.

Now, with technology taking over educational institutes, blackboards are becoming more and more irrelevant; however, in areas such as advertising, art and design, they're still strongly present. For interior decoration, wacky wall decals for kids are a fun idea to keep little ones entertained without damaging walls. Also for the food industry, these boards give cafes and restaurants a cute way to daily advertised their menus and to cheaply decorate their joints.

Check out these blackboard innovations for more ideas on how to keep these fillers of imagination present in society.