The Gigaset Coeval L226 Phone Accommodates Your Activities

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: yankodesign
The great thing about the Gigaset Coeval L226 smartphone is that it comes with both software and hardware features that make it versatile for use in a number of different situations. More than just offering the means to switch from portrait to landscape view, this handset better interacts with what's around it.

Like few mobile phone models these days, Patrick Loh's concept cellphone comes equipped with a clasp so that it can be fastened directly to your clothing without any need for a special case. Nicknamed the Clip-On Phone, this device carries out the hands-free function properly.

The sleek white charging dock that comes with the Gigaset Coeval L226 is designed to fit the device longways. Automatically registering its position in the hub, the touchscreen transforms into a digital alarm clock.