The GIA 4C App Helps People Recognize the True Value of Diamonds

 - Nov 25, 2011
References: & luxeinacity
The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has created an application to help consumers understand the 4Cs of diamonds and the International Diamond Grading System™ called the 4C App. The app features a series of interactive tools designed to help users understand the GIA diamond grading scales for color, clarity and cut. It also explains how the grading of a diamond can affect its value.
The interactive tool was design to engage and educate users on things like the color grading system across the GIA D-to-Z Color Scale, the typical inclusions and blemished found on diamonds and a diamond’s anatomy, including the various parameters that influences the diamond’s cut grade.

The Gemological Institute of America, created in 1931, is the world’s foremost authority in gemology. This institution created the world-recognized 4Cs of Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight.