'Reflected Sequence' is a Lighting Structure Made of Geometric Mobiles

 - Jul 24, 2017
References: frederiketop.nl & frederiketop.nl
Amsterdam-based designer Frederike Top has released her latest project -- a series of reflective, geometric mobiles that cast colorful and compelling reflections.

The series is called 'Reflected Sequence' and thanks to the dynamic properties of the product, the same light is never cast twice. The lamps create a kaleidoscopic effect that changes in relation to the onlooker's positioning. The geometric light source uses geometric panels and LED lights to achieve its whimsical effects. The artist banded panels of colorful semi-transparent acrylate together to create this uniquely artistic product.

The design would speak to lovers of contemporary home decor as this centerpiece is sure to turn heads at dinner parties. Reflected Sequence transforms ordinary objects into something magical, and serves as an example of the fusion between fine art and home design.