Geocomb by Yuichiro Itayama Explores the Limits of Computer Modeling

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: suckerpunchdaily
Soon, technology may catch up with human imagination, as projects like Geocomb by Yuichiro Itayama grow into such fantastical forms. As a civilization, a lack of creativity is seldom as much of a problem as is the means to express and execute ideas into physical manifestations.

What we have here is an elaborate sculpture, either inspired by or designed for the seaside. The intricate and organic latticework forms broader holes in the contorting framework, seemingly mimicking the skeletal structures and shells of marine creatures and corals that wash up on the sand.

A great deal of attention and detail went into the modeling of Geocomb by Yuichiro Itayama. Careful digital rendering in GeometryGym, Rhino and Grasshopper create the hexagons and complex polyhedrons that amalgamate the works of several modern architects.