The South Pole, Chernobyl, Tatooine

 - Jul 26, 2007   Updated: Aug 9 2011
References: wired
Have you ever wondered where the 'smartest of the smart' like to vacation? Wired Magazine has been good enough to summarize the places where high IQ travelers like to adventure... and you won't find any Mexican beaches. The list ranges from the South Pole to Chernobyl.

1 Akihabara Tokyo
2 Chernobyl, Ukraine
3 Palo Alto, California
5 Mauna Kea Observatory
6 Sidi Driss Hotel
7 New Zealand
8 The South Pole

Implications - Touring cities like Chrnobyl in the Ukraine offers a historic and scenic experience unlike any other. The site of the world's most detrimental meltdown, Chernobyl houses a town called Prypyat whose 47,000 citizens had to evacuate within 36 hours of this tragic event.