The GE Multipurpose Farming Vehicle is Designed for Ugandan Farmers

 - Dec 13, 2011
References: coroflot & ecofriend
Marco Tan is an industrial designer who may very well revolutionize the Ugandan agricultural industry with his GE Multipurpose Farming Vehicle. Tan's concept is a tractor powered by bio-fuels that can also act as a miniature power plant.

The GE Multipurpose Farming Vehicle is run off of gas made from bio-waste. This eco-friendly engine would both help the environment and the farmers using the tractor as it would keep costs low. The tires are designed to keep costs and headaches at a minimum by being made to be airless. The tires will instead be filled with compression springs ensuring that they'll keep rolling even if punctured or slashed. Tan's tractor also features an electric battery that is charged when the vehicle is running. The electric battery can be used as a source of power at night for the home. Smart farming equipment may not solve all of Uganda's problems, but it is a good start nonetheless.