These Shots are of Famous American Author Guy Talese

 - Jul 23, 2013
References: terrysdiary
While most fashion photographers wouldn’t concern themselves with taking pictures of past classic authors, Terry Richardson decided to celebrate American author Gay Talese’s literary accomplishments and take his photo. The stylishly hip author poses in dapper suits at Terry’s extremely elite photo studio.

In these images, you can easily tell how shy Gay Talese is. As an author, he is use to being the creative force behind a work of art, and not the face in front of it. Regardless of his shyness, Guy Talese poses elegantly channeling an old-school 20’s vibe with a classic three-piece suit, silk pocket handkerchief and a white fedora on. Terry does an excellent job of capturing Gay’s adorable smile, kind eyes and literary sense of style. The images of Gay and Terry together are my favorite, as Terry wears Gay’s fedora and Gay rocks Terry’s hipster glasses.