The Smart Gaswatch Keeps Track of the Propane in Your Tank

 - Aug 29, 2014
References: storelintl & gizmag
There's nothing more annoying than hosting a barbecue, having a bunch of people over, marinating delicious meats to throw on the grill and then discovering that you're out of propane; with the Smart Gaswatch though, that won't be a problem because it monitors the amount of propane in your tank and estimates how much grilling time you have.

The Smart Gaswatch doesn't need to be stuck inside the tank or along the hose, but actually uses a weighing scale. Users have to input the tank's weight, allowing the device to figure out how much of the weight is down to the tank and how much represents the propane inside.

The device has a small meter that displays the percentage of gas available and an estimate of how much cooking time is available. The device is available for just $29.99.