YouTubers 'Team Edge' Played the 'Gassy Gus Challenge'

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: youtube
The YouTubers from 'Team Edge' recently competed against one another in the 'Gassy Gus Challenge,' a game in which a big meal ends up costing the competitors. The game involves a card game that couples with a toy, called Gassy Gus and a willingness to put up with a little flatulence.

To play the Gassy Gus Challenge, players each get a randomly dealt set of cards with food items and numbers. Each number represents an amount of pumps on the Gassy Gus toy, and gassier foods have more pumps (for instance, the burrito card forces four pumps.) Pumping the toy's head causes a balloon on its stomach to expand, and whichever player is responsible for the final pump before it deflates -- with a farting sound -- is the loser. Whoever gets rid of their cards first wins.