Mealitaly's Garlic Cream Spread Enhances Familiar Dishes in a New Way

Mealitaly's garlic cream mousse is a product that revisits a tried-and-true family recipe and reintroduces it in an completely new form. The four-ingredient spread is described as a product that has simply "changed clothes" in order to take on a new form that can be used to dress up other food items. Mealitaly suggests pairing its garlic mousse with toast, cheese platters, meats or vegetables.

While most people think of mousse as only being related to whipped, light and creamy desserts, this one is meant to be used to enrich a variety of savory dishes. In this same product family, Mealitaly also makes a red pepper mousse that brings a different flavor to food.

This inventive spread is among many traditionally sweet food products that are being transformed with the inclusion of savory elements.