This Story Book Game of Thrones Video Reflects How Fans Feel

 - Jun 19, 2013
References: collegehumor
This surprisingly fitting Game of Thrones video perfectly sums up how fans are feeling about the Red Wedding episode that recently aired for season three. The video combines scenes from the episode with scenes from the cult classic film The Princess Bride.

The most gruesome scenes from this shocking Game of Thrones episode were spliced with scenes from The Princess Bride where the grandfather reads to his complaining grandson. These completely different clips fit each other perfectly and help to comically capture how Game of Thrones fans are feeling about the chaos that ensued at the Red Wedding.

Fans who didn’t read the books are outraged. Fans who did read the book have had time to get over the devastation that took place at the Twins. This awesome College Humor video does a great job of expressing fan frustrations.