Dynamaito Creates a Game of Thrones-Themed Art Series

The popularity of Game of Thrones seems to have no bounds, as proven by this Dynamaito series. The Game of Thrones fighting game is something many people would wish to fruition, but since HBO has launched a strategy game and an RPG title, the odds of the company launching a 2D fighting game on any platform seem bleak. The next best thing for fans to look forward to are these conceptual art illustrations from artist Dynamaito.

The slick 2D designs bring about an edgy cartoon feel to the dark characters of Westeros. It really makes one hunger for such an idea to be brought to life. To play Daenerys Stormborn and summon her dragons to face off against Robert Baratheon and his war hammer is an epic battle many people would love to see. Dynamaito’s illustrations breathe life into a dream that may never see the light of day.