Bra Extenders Give Too-Tight Undergarments a New Life

 - Feb 20, 2009
References: nicepriceusa & barenecessities
Women don’t usually stay at one size throughout their lives. Sometimes, if not most of the time, women have 2 to 3 sizes of clothing in their closet at any given time. Their wardrobe choices depend on whether they’ve lost or gained weight.

Undergarments, however, are extremely difficult to stretch to conform to a different size. We either still manage to fit in our underwear, we force it to fit or we stop wearing the ill-fitting pieces altogether.

Until these bra extenders were introduced to the market, women who had a limited budget to buy new bras had to endure dreaded back fat from too-tight lingerie.

So suffer no more, bra extenders are here to the rescue! Just attach these extenders to the end of your bras and voila--your bra fits perfectly again!