The Gabey Tjon a Tham Installation Reflects Tones

 - Jan 4, 2013
References: gabeytjonatham & mymodernmet
Artist Gabey Tjon a Tham has released the Repetition At My Distance installation. The towering blue structure reacts to sounds bites, reverberating in turn via the vibrations of the cascading waves.

Repetition At My Distance is set to the tune of blowing wind. The strings of light become more and more intense with the passage of the air, picking up with speed and size as the recorded song plays on a wheel.

Tham hopes to above all else engage the minds of viewers, "the perceiver is reverted to a process of reflection on its own thoughts, memories and dreams." And indeed, as the patterns of light persist, spectators conjure up profound states of mind that may not have been otherwise triggered.