This Reforming Coffee Table is an Example of Functional Art

 - Jul 30, 2013
References: ellenjantzen
This coffee table is an example of functional art. This prototype, titled the Interactive Reformable CoffeeTable, is one of Michael Jantzen's interactive functional furniture series. The table is unconventional to say the least -- it looks more like a complex puzzle than furniture.

This geometrically diverse table consists of six wedges that are mounted on wheels -- each pivots around the center column with ease. As the segments move around freely, the entire shape of the table changes, making it a reforming artistic piece.

Reforming furniture would be ideal for those who like to switch up interior design often. The table's shapes, sizes, colors and materials could vary, depending on the desired effect. This specific prototype is made of wood and a white laminate surface, but if it was made of steel, it would give off a completely futuristic appeal.